Designer: Clive Rundle
Label: Clive Rundle

Designers: Uyanda Mbuli and Gert-Johan Coetzee
Label: Diamond Face Couture

Designer: Anisa Ami Mpungwe   
Label: Loin Cloth & Ashes

an alternative fashion week in south africa, fantastic works from creative minds
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South African Fahion Week




waiting for

days to pass. friends to come by. chocolates to eat. ice cream to lick. sleep to dream.family to meet. kids to speak. strangers to meet. road trip to think. anytime to drink.



name it

i wanna name it...anything...
i like giving names
i would like to be the one named soho
or sky or orange
just for to name it
not for to be the one
sugar or pineapple maybe
boys and girls names
names for shops, names for new businesses
starting over at each time
naming white pages
naming sleep would be nice
wonderful would be naming change
not the big words like love or piece
just small words
living small words, everyday words
like hi...like bye
let's call this nice sound of music song
and let's call this lovely song easy
let's call this thing between us deny


wa i t i n g f o r

things to happen.friends to come.people to meet.songs to remember.night to sleep.time to fly by.day to finish.beers to drink and get drunk.love to hide.summer to swim. winter to get cold and complain.kids to get naughty.funerals to cry.jobs to get paid. good music to heal my soul. money to scatter.....